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Social Media in China, same but different platforms

times   2016-12-22

Social Media has revolutionised the media and communications landscape. Social media platforms have introduced interactive Web, Internet-based applications, user-generated content such as text posts or comments, digital photos or digital video posts are the lifeblood of the social media organism.

There are many stories I was told about the social media in China before I went there. Amongst them, I was told that Chinese government has banned the popular social media platforms such as the Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are not entirely blocked. They are accessible through Virtual Private Network (VPN) application. China's social media scene is different from anywhere else However, local social media platforms are more popular than Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter.

Social media began in China in 1994 with online forums and communities and migrated to instant messaging in 1999. Blogging took off in 2004.  China’s social media users are more active than any other country, most of them have multiple social media account.

The use of mobile technology to access social media has increased tremendously in China. Recent report indicated that about 1.2 billion people have smartphones. China is the largest social media network. China has domesticated its social media platforms.

They have the same, but different platforms, in case of Facebook, they have Penyou and Weibos which is the equivalent of Twitter in China. As social media continues to grow internationally, China is no exception. Almost 710 million people in China have to access internet, nearly twice the population of entire U.S. Social Media has elevated citizen journalism, ordinary people can report about what is happening wherever they live.

Chinese Social Media are unique mainly because of language. All their social media platforms are in Mandarin. Facebook can be accessed through the virtual private networks (VPN). The Facebook version in China is Pengyou, which means friend. Pengyou has more than 259 million users. Though recently Pengyou has been losing its users to Weibo. Weibo is a social media platform that has all the functions of whatsapp, twitter and Instagram.

There are about 50 000 users of twitter in China who use VPN to access it. There are about 500 million registered users of the Weibos. Weibos has multimedia functions which includes displaying of video and photos in the timelines. There are big companies, organisations, public figures and celebrities who use Weibos to communicate directly with the people. Weibos serves as a platform for debate in China, government departments also use it to provide feedback to the people. The functions of Weibos are beyond Twitter as it also includes microblogging, PDF, MP3 and videos.

YouTube too can only be accessed through the use of VPN application as well. The popular video site in China is the YouKu, which has about 1, 3 billion minutes of viewing. YouKu partners with television stations, distributors, and film production companies to ensure content is fresh and relevant.

While many people across the globe are on whatsapp, China introduced We Chat. WeChat is a popular Chinese mobile app with around 300 million users. 100 million of whom are outside China. WeChat is similar to Whatsapp but it gives users more by combining features from Facebook, Skype, Twitter and Instagram. WeChat can be used to pay for water, electricity bills and shopping. WeChat integrate instant messaging combined with e-Commerce. International brands such as Coca Cola and Mercedes Benz use WeChat to promote their brands.

Social media help individuals' sense of connectedness with real and online communities and social media has become one of the most effective communications tools internationally. Internet users spend more time with social media sites than any other type of site.

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