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Serial to TCP / IP network serial server used in oil production

times   2016-10-31

In oil exploration, transportation and other production process, dynamic monitoring is an important job content production management, but also to ensure the normal oilfield, safety, economic operation important tools in Western countries automation data acquisition and control (SCADA) has been produced facilities.

The main contents include dynamic monitoring of leak monitoring, ultra-high pressure protection, temperature anomalies, such as excessive moisture. Oil is called “factory without walls”, oil wells, gathering stations, joint station dotted with remote dispersed, and the entire production process of oil and connected through a pipe, into a pressure system can be described as indeed affect the whole body, especially when spills have occurred, to oil causing huge economic losses and environmental pollution. Therefore, to achieve dynamic monitoring of oilfield production systems for the timely detection of leaks and other faults, operating parameters to optimize production, reduce the incidence of Stolen criminal cases, improve the modern management level field has important significance.

First, field data acquisition system requirements

To achieve oil production monitoring, production control center need to get real-time stations of pressure, temperature, flow, and other data to the data analysis, the energy consumption and the production of health indicators, such as the long-distance pipeline, we need real-time import and export pipeline pressure data obtained by leak monitoring alarm system software to locate the leak alarm and leakage points.
In short, the data acquisition system includes a content data acquisition and communication between the two aspects.

1. Serial Device Server is widely used in data acquisition system
In a computer-based data acquisition system, a computer connected via serial bus 485 is a very popular way of data collection, the serial output of the instrumentation has been widely used. In many cases, automation engineers will encounter the PC exceeds the actual number of slots can be any amount, using the serial interface to connect measurement and automation equipment, get rid of the ISA or PCI slot inside the computer, additional hardware requirements.

RS-485 bus with a simple pair of twisted pair distributed systems, via RS485-RS232 converter can be connected to the computer, multi-point, two-way communication and data acquisition equipment is simple, inexpensive, it has the noise suppression, data transfer rates, the cable length and reliability is unmatched by other standards. For this reason, RS-485 has been widely used in industrial data acquisition and control, instrumentation, automotive electronics, telecommunication equipment.

2. Ethernet / Internet has become the main way of transmission of field data
In recent years, the Internet is developing rapidly worldwide, as the core technology of the Internet TCP / IP is also increasingly familiar, based on TCP / IP WWW browser, FTP, E-Mail and Telnet technology obtained in various fields more widely used, based on a variety of TCP / IP technology, computer network technology continue to emerge, and has good prospects. TCP / IP protocol as the core protocol of computer network systems, network traffic congestion from hardware failures, network, packet delay or loss, data corruption problems affect communication, data duplication and disorder and others have appropriate solutions and remedies, it is good to ensure a complete and reliable data to send and receive packets.

In this trend, the TCP / IP and Ethernet as the representative of the higher maturity open web technologies, are increasingly being applied in various automation systems, and Controls all connected devices. Take the Shengli Oilfield, the current field has initially built a pumping station communicating each gathering a huge local area network, a major oilfield way data transmission.

In this context, how to build economic, reliable data acquisition system to ensure the safety of oil production, economic operation is a problem in front of field managers. The usr network and serial communication technology and products to field data acquisition system provides a good choice.


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